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One thing we know is that when there is something to be won and lost people change and not just with regards to their behaviour, but how they think.

Spotlight profiling enables you to understand your ‘mindset’ (COPE) as well as your ‘behavioural style’ (FLEX) and also that of others. Spotlight is based on rigorous research and incorporates two of the Big 5 personality models along with Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity theory (the only biological model of personality).


The philosophy of Spotlight is less focused on “where you are” and instead emphasises “where you can get to”. This helps to ensure your Spotlight profile doesn’t just end up shoved in a draw but is a very practical tool to enable you to be successful in ever changing contexts.

In the Spotlight suite there is also a tool designed for focusing on the dynamics within teams. This looks at leveraging team strengths whilst avoiding potential dysfunctions that can undermine team performance. It also captures a team’s level of ‘psychological safety’ which we know to be fundamental in driving high performance.

Spotlight and Spotlight Dynamics is suitable for any adult or team in any industry, so if you’re interested in learning more
about how you and your team can thrive give us a call today.


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