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Our aim is to enhance both performance and wellbeing in teams and individuals.


We take an integrated approach with teams which means working with coaches, staff and players. This is because performance isn’t just determined by the individual talent within a team but is also influenced by the environment, culture and dynamics within systems.


To share an example, resilience is often thought of as a trait that players possess, however team resilience is better understood as a process that enables us to withstand stressors and maintain collective performance levels under pressure.


This is underpinned by how we do things, our approach to learning, our relationships and our beliefs. If you are interested in finding out more about developing high performance cultures and shaping psychologically informed environments then get in touch today.


Performance psychology is much more than giving you a set of mental tools and techniques. It about self-awareness and personal growth – developing as a person as well as an athlete or coach.


As qualified psychologists we will help you understand how you think, feel and behave and how this affects how you perform. Being aware of your mental state when you’re performing well makes it easier to keep succeeding; equally when you’re performing less well, you can identify possible causes more quickly, allowing a faster return to form.


If you’re wanting to make added performance gains then drop us a line and we’d love to discuss how we can help.

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