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our approach

Our consultancy approach is based on robust psychological principles underpinned by research.


High performance spans a number of different fields so we ensure our thinking is up-to-date with the latest psychological insights including sports specific research, neuroscience and organisational psychology.


However, more importantly, we have over 10 years of experience working at the heart of high performance environments so we blend our scientific knowledge with the realities of what it’s like ‘pitch side’ to ensure we provide useful and practical solutions and not just jargon!

we believe

  • That everyone is unique

  • That everyone experiences the world in different ways

  • All behaviour is understandable in context but that doesn’t make all behaviour right

  • Every team and individual has the potential to grow

  • Vulnerability is a strength

  • We never stop learning, especially from mistakes

  • Every action has a reaction (adapted from Newton!)

  • Working together makes for a stronger, effective and more enjoyable outcome

  • We can make a difference through developing genuine, trusting and honest relationships with our clients





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