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Sporting Success

Here at Sporting Success we are passionate about performance and we know that sustainable high performance is underpinned by high levels of wellbeing. So that’s why our approach focuses on understanding relationships and team dynamics as well as just individuals. 

We have worked with a broad range of performers from England football teams to Paralympic Champions, MMA fighters to ballet dancers and corporate organisations to school pupils, so whatever your ambitions, age or career stage and whatever your performance arena is, we can help you achieve your goals.

our approach

Our consultancy approach is based on robust psychological principles underpinned by research.


High performance spans a number of different fields so we ensure our thinking is up-to-date with the latest psychological insights including sports specific research, neuroscience and organisational psychology. However, more importantly, we have over 15 years of experience working at the heart of high performance environments, so we blend our scientific knowledge with the realities of what it’s like ‘pitch side’ to ensure we provide useful and practical solutions and not just jargon!



Our aim is to enhance both performance
and wellbeing in teams and individuals.



At the end of the day we are all human, whether we are on a sports field, in a classroom or in the workplace.


So performance psychology isn’t just for athletes. Everyone is a performer in their own right.

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One thing sport does really well is differentiating between performance and results.


Whilst academic results are of course important school is also a time for learning about yourself, your relationships with others and developing life-long skills.

trusted by

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Rebecca as
a sport psychologist for myself, other staff and our team.

Rebecca has a clear philosophy, strategy and plan on
how to deliver and achieve excellent sports psychology
at the elite level of sport.

Her ability to build relationships with both staff and importantly players is second to none, she builds excellent levels of trust which to me was the most important quality I envision in a psychologist.

Rebecca has great experience working with top level
elite sport environments and demonstrated her
fantastic quality of work when working with the
England Lionesses Team.

Phil Neville, Head Coach England Lioness Team 

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